LivingStar 7700 Premium bidet_Luxurious with remote control


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LivingStar 7700 Premium bidet_Luxurious with remote control

maximizes your convenience via multi-level settings, instant heating, dual nozzle, massage, oscillation, nightlight, remote control, and music (Elongated)

  • Eco and user friendly: Instant heating of water makes warm water immediately available while it also saves the energy consumption.
  • Maximizing your preferences: 12 steps of water temp, 9 steps of warm air, 7 steps of seat temp, 8 steps of water pressure, 5 steps of nozzle position with Remote Control
  • Two(2) nozzles for exclusive use of Posterior or Feminine wash. Built in a Smart Seat Sensor & Heat Sensor
  • Various cleansing modes with warm water: Massage (water sprays up & down repeatedly), Move(nozzle moves back and forth automatically),Turbo(enema), Posterior, Feminine wash with micro-air-bubble tech brings high comfort. Switz wash, a five minute continuous wash applies to Posterior & Feminine wash. Kid function allows friendly experiences for kids.
  • Value Added Features: Nightlight for convenience, UV lamp sterilization, a water purifier, an optional air freshener socket, multiple energy saving modes, self-cleansing & anti-bacteria nozzle, anti-freezing, anti-slam lid, and etiquette music for a privacy. CE, FCC, RoH, CQC, CU, Water Mark certified

Advanced personal hygiene and sanitation solution

  1. Warm water cleansing
  2. Twin Nozzles (his and hers)
  3. Massage function
  4. Installs in minutes
  5. No plumbing required.

LivingStar LS-7700(Elongated) is a comprehensive premium model that thoroughly designed for personalizing your bidet experience. Instant Heating method gives you not only immediate convenience and unlimited use of warm water, but it also saves energy. Great controls of your preferred water temp (12 steps), air temp (9 steps), air pressure (8 steps), seat temp (7 steps), and 5 nozzle positions through a user-friendly Remote Control. Thanks to its micro-air-bubble tech, it brings a soft and smooth washing. It is one pocket with 2 nozzle for exclusive use of Posterior or Feminine wash, made of anti-bacterial material. Self-cleansing or manual cleaning of nozzle makes easy to keep the nozzle cleaned. Other value added features: Etiquette music allows for one’s privacy while using the bidet (the music hinders to hear any sounds by others). Built-in UV lamp sterilizes inside of bidet while the bidet is not in use and a LED light turns on during the night for your convenience. Other convenient functions: Smart seat sensor for detecting occupation, overheat sensor for prevention of high heat, Anti-slam Lid, Freeze Protection prevents the bidet from freezing in cold temperature. Air pump technology allows a high pressure wash even in a low water pressure area, Energy Saving mode allows to save electricity by lowering water and seat temperature. It comes with a water purifier helping to protect the user and unit for long lasting use (It can be bypassed as an optional feature). Detachment hook makes easy to clean up the entire bidet. [Various Cleansing Modes] Massage, Turbo (Enema), Move, Posterior, Feminine Wash [Automated programs] such as (BIDET) Exclusive for Feminine wash for 5 min (KID) Automatic sequential program for wash, dry, & deodorize for a kid, by lowered water temperature and air pressure. (AUTO) An automatic program for 80 sec of washing and 3 min of drying, then deodorizing (ENERGY SAVE) Lowering seat temp & scheduling for certain time.





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  1. LS-7700 Elongated (21.3 x 17.3 x 6.9 inches)
  2. LS-7700 Round (20.8 x 17.3 x 6.9 inches)


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LS-7700 Elongated (21.3 x 17.3 x 6.9 inches), LS-7700 Round (20.8 x 17.3 x 6.9 inches)


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