CODECO NUTRITION 100% wild canadian Chaga Mushroom 500mg/120 capsules


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Mushrooms are one of the most interesting organisms on the planet, one that live by absorbing the material they grow on. How does that work exactly? Mushrooms absorb their food by excreting special enzymes that break down complex structures in to molecules that the mushrooms absorb.

차가 버섯에는 기본적인 영양 성분과 함께 폴리페놀(항산화), 이노시톨(신진대사에 관여, 비타민Bh), 에고스테롤(스테로이드, 비타민D로 전환), 플라보노이드(색소,항산화),베타글루칸(다당류,항암성분으로 알려짐), 리그닌(세포벽 고분자)등의 생소한 성분과 풍부한 미네랄과 식이 섬유가 포함되어 암환자들의 건강 보조제품으로 알려지고 있습니다.

CHAGA MUSHROOM is one of the richest sources of the enzyme superoxide dismutase (SOD), and also an important source of Beta-Glucan and B vitamins. CODECO CHAGA MUSHROOM is also a very potent antioxidant.
Antioxidants increase cellular health. Improved cellular health may greatly lower your chance of disease, by strengthening and healing the body naturally, from the inside out.

항암효과에 뛰어난 #차가버섯!
남녀노소 상관없이 좋은 영양소가 가득!
차가버섯으로 면역력도 높이고 걱정되는 암도 예방해보세요!



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